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Shakira and J. Lo’s Entire Super Bowl Performance

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In previous years, the halftime show was all that I cared about. We’ve since taken a bit more interest in the actual game (Go Chiefs!) and the entire football season as a whole that the halftime show sort of fell by the wayside. Nonetheless, I was still excited about Shakira and Jennifer Lopez coming together. They are two strong Latin American women that are powerhouses! Do I also even need to mention how disappointing Maroon 5’s performance was last year?

Here are my highlights:

  • We were completely reminded of how many hits Jennifer Lopez had as an R&B singer and while we accept her decision to stay in film, her days in music were unforgettable.
  • She may not have received an Oscar nom for her work in Hustlers, but there’s no denying how much of an honor it still is to perform the Half Time show at the Super Bowl and she killed it.
  • Jennifer Lopez brought out her daughter to perform alongside her and it was a very sweet moment
  • Did y’all know that Shakira can play BOTH drums and guitar? We knew, but we sort of forgot.
  • The Kobe Bryant tribute was nearly missed, but we think it was when the stadium and the lights at some point were purple and yellow to represent The Lakers.
  • There will never be a more unforgettable GIF than the one that was Shakira’s tongue.

Say what you will about the stripper pole, but we kind of loved it. I think it used to represent something that leaned more negative and it doesn’t need to be that way anymore. The work on the pole isn’t easy and it’s 2020. There are people taking pole taking classes as a workout and aren’t necessarily in that profession that it is known for. Not only was it a nod to “Hustlers,” but it was empowering in its own way.

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